Lessons learned

Over the last six months, I’ve learned a lot of lessons both in my photography skills and balancing practice with work and general day to day life.

Lesson 1: Always carry your camera with you – everywhere! I love the bag my parents got me for my new camera because it carries so much kit and I love the freebie I received for subscribing to Practical Photography Magazine because it hides away your kit nicely with different compartments for essentials for a long day out. However, for those moments that you’re not planning, out and about, they are just too big. Must invest in a smaller bag for just camera and kit lens.

Lesson 2: Make sure your camera is fully charged (dim wit, that’s me!) During the autumn/ winter season, a robin visited my garden. It was a perfect opportunity to capture a rare occurrence. Unfortunately, I managed to capture two shots with kit lens (not great, blurred and I know I can do better). I needed the telephoto lens, but as I went to switch lenses, power cut out. I’d not charged it up since last use. The robin flew away. I learned the hard way here. Here are the blurred shots of the robin.

I wanted to blur the background, which I managed. However, I didn’t quite get the focus on the robin. I can see the branches are clearer in the foreground. For goodness shake! Terrible joke sorry. That brings me onto my next lesson.

Lesson 3: Use a tripod. I could have easily rectified these mistakes if I’d have been able to steady the camera better.

Lesson 4: On my trip to London this weekend, I wanted to tour the lot, take shots of everything! However, I learned that this wasn’t improving my skills. Next time, I will plan the spots I want to photograph and practice taking multiple shots with different compositions until I get the best I can before moving on. Here are some my favourite shots.

Not many of the famous architecture or landmarks (these weren’t brilliant and I need to work on this). The top left was a vegan protest. Agree or disagree in their aims, you can’t deny the bloke who posed is a bit of a legend.

Lesson 5: Make time for blogging efforts and practice gradually. I think I tried to put too much pressure on myself to blog every week and life/work got in the way. I will aim for blogging when I can – hopefully, every other month.


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